Kate MacDuff

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Aligning with the evolutionary impulse of life

My work is about developing a profound trust that what makes your heart beat, and your lungs breathe, is the same force that unfolds every other event in your life.  How you give meaning to these events is the experience of being human. My passion lies in holding space for you to awaken to your true nature as a human being. 

Beyond this there is only a willingness to soften into the joy of your precious existence.

If the only thing people learned was to not be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world. 
Sydney Banks

Round Map Cutting

There isn't a map for this territory, because it emerges from your personal moment-by-moment evolutionary process.

As you embody the less limited aspects of yourself you'll come to understand how life works in a very different way.

There are no skills or techniques to learn other than noticing that we need each other and an understanding of ourselves as part of nature and the universe, in order to heal and evolve.

"Kate is a master healer. Her many years of training,

experience and dedication combine to generate treatments

that are profound in the transformation they create.

Through Kate's work I have permanently released

insidious patterns that were threatening to

stifle my life force and limit my potential..."


L Sutherland, London UK


The nature of my work has changed during the past two years and I'm only offering occasional 1:2:1 sessions.


Rather than regular monthly support as I did before, I enjoy doing one-off sessions that reignite the spark and catalyse deep inner and outer movements, while spending more time creating healing connections in my online group spaces, as well as creating content for upcoming courses and writing small e-books on the common problems I've encountered in 30 years of being a herbalist, naturopath and later a vibrational medicine practitioner.

It has become clear to me that the journey humanity is facing now has to be explored together in groups of more than two people, and involve new and different ways of relating compassionately to our inner movements, our physical symptoms, our perceived circumstances and the rapidly changing vibrational field.


The new paradigm is being built from the consciousness you carry.

Don't underestimate your own creative power.

This is nothing to do with Law of Attraction and all to do with conscious co-creation.

A friend recently shared with me a classic physics problem called The Three Body Problem. Apparently when two very large objects (like planets) get very close to each other, their effect on each other can be predicted quite precisely with equations - which physicists love to do.


However, when you add a third large body, the potential for interactions become virtually infinite - which physicists don't love - but consciousness does!  More recent research indicates that this also holds true for smaller objects, even down to the quantum scale, and my experience is that it's very true for what happens when two or more people are gathered with a pure intent to embody love.

With this in mind, I'm now offering several group spaces with specific themes. HeartSpace is exploring vulnerability and connection as a way of initiating deep healing together; and WorldSpace is taking us further into the nature of reality and the part we play in bringing forth the world we see around us. Everything is energy in motion. 


"The ultimate touchstone is witness,

the privilege of having been seen by someone

and the equal privilege of being granted

the sight of the essence of another,

to have walked with them

and to have believed in them,

and sometimes just to have accompanied them

for however brief a span,

on a journey impossible to accomplish alone."


From Friendship in the book Consolations by David Whyte