Kate MacDuff

Aligning with the evolutionary impulse of life

My work is about developing a profound trust that what makes your heart beat, and your lungs breathe,

is the same force that unfolds every other event in your life. 

How you give meaning to these events is the experience of being human.

My passion lies in helping you awaken to your true nature as a human being. 

People I work with are usually rebel explorers.  They’re not satisfied with life as it is.  They’ve done and continue to do inner work – noticing their outer and inner responses to life, taking responsibility for their choices and their journey. 

They've probably explored many different therapies and turned themselves inside out trying to release the past.

If the only thing people learned was to not be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world. 

Sydney Banks

My interest is in exploring what’s beyond these modalities and techniques.
Who you are when trauma and wounding are not the focus of your life.
When you don’t live from the belief that there is something inherently wrong with you.


In a discovery session I bring a combination of knowledge and a connection to the subtle realms beyond the physical, offering something that might be described as a GPS for the embodied soul. 


This might mean addressing physical symptoms, emotional stuckness or a sense of restlessness in different areas of your life, but ultimately it’s about going beyond the belief that who you are – this personality -  is a solid identity.

There isn’t a map for this territory, because it emerges from your personal moment-by-moment evolutionary process. 


As you embody the less limited aspects of yourself, you will understand how life works

in a very different way.


The beauty of what I'm offering is

that there are no skills or techniques to learn. 


In simple terms there is only a willingness

to soften into the joy of your precious existence. 


What gets in the way of that,

might show up as we explore together. 

This is an exciting dimension to explore. 
It requires courage initially, and the ability to shed your old skin and expand into new ways of being.
It deepens your connection to life as a whole, and to what you feel able to offer to the world.

"Kate is a master healer. 


Her many years of training, experience and dedication combine to create treatments that are profound in the transformation they create. Through Kate's work I have permanently released insidious patterns that were threatening to stifle my life force and limit my potential..."

L Sutherland, London UK