Crucible of Love 

Everything in the world is vibrating energy and frequency. When we gather together to radiate love we have

the power to create enormous change in our world. 

At some time in our existence we have known that we are love.  

And that love is all that we are.

Every Tuesday at 4.30pm UK time we meet for 30 minutes on Zoom to embody the love that we are.... 

The space is silent. 

You're invited to be fully present.

Being love is the only intention.

If you'd like to join your loving vibration with this intent, please contact me for the Zoom link. 

Bouncing Light Balls

HeartMath have discovered that the heart is by far the most important organ in the body because it sends 5000 times more information to the brain, than the brain does to the heart.  


In a study at the University of Kassel in Germany in 1997 the researchers wanted to measure the amount of photons per second being emitted from the average person’s chest. Photons are parcels of light information which are the means by which we communicate with other people, and how every single cell in our body communicates with the other cells. The higher our photon count the more light we are holding in our body, and the more coherence and health we have in our system. At the start of the study, the average volunteer was emitting 20 photons of light per second. Volunteers were then asked to meditate specifically on their hearts and to send out love to the world. They meditated for 20 minutes, closing their eyes, slowing their breath, imagining breathing in and out through the heart, making the exhale longer than the inhale. Then the measurements were taken again and the photons were 100,000 per second on average for each person.


We are so much more powerful than we realise.