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Self Study Package

The Before I Go Method® will help you to create your End-of-Life Plan in five easy modules

without losing focus, getting overwhelmed or giving up!


Create a time frame and work with my support and mentoring to achieve it easily. 

You can start anytime and book regular mentoring sessions with me on Zoom.


You will receive online access to the self study course which includes the modules shown below. 


What you'll receive:


  • Online access to the Before I Go Method course. There are five modules covering a wide range of essential end-of-life planning knowledge and topics

Module 1: Lessening the Household Headaches

  • Sorting out practical household details

  • Resolving family secrets, quarrels, and unresolved conflicts

  • De-cluttering and downsizing the home


Module 2: Determining Your Life and Death Values

  • What matters to you most when it comes to living and dying

  • Creating a values and beliefs statement

  • Preparing your Advance Directive (Advance Care Plan)

  • Last days wishes


Module 3: Looking After The Legals

  • Why you must have a will and powers-of-attorney

  • How to appoint an executor

  • Overcoming obstacles and resistance


Module 4: Designing Your Digital Life and Finances

  • Taking care of your digital assets

  • What to do with your social media and other online accounts

  • Storing your passwords


Module 5: Taking Care of the Body: DIY or Funeral Director

  • DIY body care or use a funeral director

  • 10 legal methods of disposing of the body

  • Funerals, Memorials, and End-of-Life Celebrations


Bonus Module: Putting It All Together

  • Updating and reviewing your End-of-Life plan

  • Who to notify and where to keep your End-of-Life plan

  • Eulogies and Obituaries


And there's more . . .

5 hours of live mentoring and facilitation with me via Zoom

  • It's been proven that those who work with a coach or mentor are more likely to complete their end-of-life plan successfully

  • Includes "follow-up" call to support the completion of your end-of-life plan


Downloadable support documents

  • Each module comes with relevant support documents and videos/audio files. You have continued access to these documents. All modules are kept up-to-date by Before I Go Solutions.

  • Mentoring session videos: our sessions can be recorded to watch or listen again later.


A Before I Go® Workbook

  • 100-page pdf workbook, divided into handy sections, each related to a different aspect of your plan.

  • Keep all your important information in a handy downloadable pdf workbook or store it online, on your own computer or with Biscuit Tin. Because Biscuit Tin and Before I Go Solutions are partners, if you have a digital PDF copy of the Before I Go Workbook, you can upload the whole thing, along with your will, powers of attorney and advance directive documentation, at Biscuit Tin, completely free forever, with the link I provide.

​Just imagine.... you've finished the Self Study Package and...

  • You have free time and energy for other things you love to do

  • There's no more fretting about getting it done so you can relax more

  • You realise that the course kept you focused, taking small steps in the right direction, so you're feeling a sense of achievement

  • You've organised your papers/ideas/stuff into manageable amounts, lessening the overwhelm for yourself and those you love

  • You remember that it wasn't as difficult as you thought it would be and now you're guilt-free! 

  • You can look around your house and see more space, less stuff, and that what you DO have is more organised

  • You can put your hand on your death folder really easily, knowing that what is in there is everything that will be needed after you’ve gone

  • You can relax because your family will only have to follow your instructions as to what you want after you’ve gone. 

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Whether you have a partial plan or no plan at all, join the Before I Go Method® Self Study Package and complete your personal End-of-Life Plan, moving at your own pace and staying on track, with my support and guidance.