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I'm a licensed facilitator for Before I Go Solutions®. 


Jane Duncan Rogers founded Before I Go Solutions community interest company in 2016 and is passionate about having end of life plans become as commonplace as birth plans.


End of Life Plans

We all know we should get our affairs in order, but somehow it's hard to get around to actually doing it. One-to-one End of Life Planning with my support, can help you to make well-informed decisions about your end-of-life care and prepare well for your death, making life easier for yourself while you're here and simpler for your loved ones when you're gone.


Working with care and humour the Before I Go Method® addresses the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of end-of-life matters in a simple and straightforward way. With the right kind of guidance you can stop procrastinating and move forward with your End of Life Plan, with confidence and clarity.  

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Self Study Option

This is the Self Study Package, where you not only receive access to the recorded course modules of the Before I Go Method® but also to regular live mentoring with me on Zoom. This way you can ask questions on the call, and have time to work on your plan between calls. Support can also be given via email.

You can also get together with a partner or friends and form a study group with the opportunity to work through the modules individually and then discuss options with others on the regular mentoring call.  If you’re interested in getting a group together please contact me directly. It might even turn out to be something fun, rather than a chore to get done!

Sign up now for the Self-Study Package to benefit from all the support you need, to be sitting down at the end of three months or less with a glass of wine or cup of tea or coffee in one hand - and your finished end-of-life plan in the other. Cost for the package including the five module self-study course, live online mentoring and the pdf workbook is £350. There is a reduction of £50 each when working with a couple or a group. 

End of Life Plan 1:1 Mentoring

Sometimes we get stuck on certain issues and can't see a way forward. Individual intensive 30 minute sessions are for anyone who needs help prioritising their end-of-life planning.


Whether it's choosing your executor and substitute decision maker, to understanding your final wishes and instructions regarding your advance care planning or power of attorney, I'm here to offer you support.


Think of these sessions as providing you with accountability and someone to accompany you through the planning process end to end. Imagine how you will feel once your affairs are in order. Imagine the gratitude your loved ones will experience when they're not faced with lots of decisions to make at a difficult time.

The cost for 30 minute one-to-one online mentoring via Zoom is £40 per session. 

Disclaimer The information in this course, the website, and any other documentation associated with it is given in good faith and is neither intended to diagnose any physical or mental condition, nor to serve as a substitute for informed medical advice or care. Please contact your health professional for medical advice and treatment relating to end-of-life matters. Neither Kate MacDuff, Before I Go Solutions® nor Jane Duncan Rogers can be held liable by any person for any loss or damage whatsoever that may arise from the use of this training, the material associated with it, or any of the information therein.