We live in a multi-dimensional universe and this universe lives through us and our willingness to move with the evolutionary impulse of life.


Maybe that impulse is nudging you in a new direction or you feel a bit lost on your path....


I’d love to walk alongside you in the choices you’re making to explore and embody your own evolutionary essence.   

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Stepping fully into who you are and what you uniquely bring to the world

is such a rewarding experience. 

Why postpone engaging with your higher consciousness, 

innate wisdom and wellbeing, and living your life fully?

Discovery Sessions

My commitment is to meet you where you are, and to hold a transformational space for you to explore all the aspects of yourself that are seeking to expand and grow.  

My support includes

  • Distance vibrational treatment following each session.

  • A deep knowledge of the physical body through plant medicine, nutrition and vibrational medicine so I can help you to negotiate physical symptoms.

  • Access to other-dimensional information in the field of possibility, through clairaudience, inner vision and kinaesthetic experiences, working beyond what's already known to you.

  • A strong foundation in energy based healing and systemic practices through my training in Barbara Brennan style healing, Vibrational Medicine and Systemic Constellation work.

  • Awareness and experience of a variety of trauma-based healing approaches.

  • Understanding of the transmissions of Sydney Banks, Richard Rudd, Stephen Busby and Thomas Hübl.

  • A fascination with the melding of science and spirituality through epigenetics and neuroscience.

  • Embodied wisdom gathered through my own human journey towards freedom.

I enjoy living in the mystery and being constantly surprised by possibility, going to the edges
of truth and authenticity and crossing thresholds that once seemed impossible to contemplate. 
I do this with my feet firmly on the ground. And I make sure that yours are too!
How will we connect?
I offer different ways of engaging with this process of insight and expansion. 
Maybe you just need a one-off session to give present moment direction. 
Or you might feel called to something bigger that needs time
and space to unfold, as you gradually connect more and more
with your own deepest wisdom.
In this case, we would meet regularly on Skype or Zoom. 
Email me to find out more and tell me what you're feeling drawn
to explore.
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Raising the vibration at which life lives through you is to support radical change in all of humanity.
Stephen Busby