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Divine Feminine Wisdom Vibrational Oils

The world is currently attempting to find the balance between the masculine and feminine energies and if humanity and the earth are going to survive, then finding our connection to love and deeper wisdom, are essential.  Resting in the frequency of love, wisdom and oneness will be the way in which we come to understand the power of our true nature.


These healing oils have been inspired by the energy of the photo of the apparition of Mary, a representation of the archetypal feminine.

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This photo was taken about 30 years ago when a friend of my family visited Medjugorje, when people used cameras and real film. The last photo taken was of a sunset, and when the film was developed this photo of Mary appeared instead. My father had it copied and it’s been in my consulting room wherever in the world I’ve lived, because I knew it was important in some way. 


I’ve recently discovered that the photo creates a field of coherence that enables us to come into a harmonious alignment with the zero-point frequency, the sea of consciousness and oneness in which we all reside. When we are aligned with this field we are in the flow of life and allowing ourselves to be lived through the frequency of love.


In the same way that pendulums synchronise together and different heart cells will start beating in rhythm in a petri dish, our bodies and brains entrain with a higher frequency when we experience it. This is how the unique Divine Feminine Vibrational Oils work.


Applied to the skin at various meridian points, they take the frequency into your body via the energy system, creating a new energetic pathway, informing cellular messages, dissolving old pathways and bringing a sense of relief to the body-mind. They enable a more direct connection to the deeper wisdom of Divine Mind.

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