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New Release Mini Set

Findhorn Frequencies

Each box contains 10 Frequencies and instructions for application.  A perfect addition to meditation practices or support in applying the Findhorn principles in daily life.

New Mini Set with an extra frequency

The original nine Findhorn Frequencies

are based on the founding principles lived through

Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean.  

The box includes Stillness, Heart Wisdom, Findhorn Light Portal, Movement, Time and Place, Life Purpose, Cycles, Trees and Roots, Creative Patterns and Blessing.

BLESSING is a recent addition to the set and offers the vibration of the zero-point frequency.

Through the path of the Divine Feminine, it opens us fully to the field of love, oneness and creation, relaxing the personal mind.

This leads to a deeper sense of space and openness which enhances the connection to insights from Divine Mind, and an ability to trust that life is ebbing and flowing as it’s designed to do, in the sea of non-dual consciousness.

To purchase the new mini set at £39.95 plus P&P 

for yourself or as a conscious Christmas gift, email or PM me