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Will 2 Soul

Will 2 Soul offers you the chance to understand a more integrated version of yourself, explore what's possible, live your highest potential and bring your unique contribution to the world. The 3-month programme supports you in making changes in your life through the power of vibrational medicine, clear and supported intention, unfolding insight and the beauty of powerful connection with others.  

Look out for dates coming soon (for in-person and online possibilities). 


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The Strands of Physical Incarnation

This one-day workshop gives you an expanded view of all the things that impact your physical existence from the moment of conception and through to the present moment.

People have different ideas about what being "healthy" means.  For some people it means being symptom-free, mobile, able to do everything they want to do, while for others it's about happiness and peace of mind.

Most people now understand that we can't look at the physical body as an isolated unit.  Science is now acknowledging the impact of emotions and perceptions in physical disease, and there is so much more beyond these levels.

Did you know that food, air and water connect you to your life's purpose?

That negative energies from past lives can interfere with your ability to change patterns and beliefs and keep you stuck in symptoms?

That childhood wounds lodge in the cells of the colon and psychotherapy alone won't shift them?

The intention of this workshop is to explore and expand on things that affect health at a physical level. 

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The Play of Emotions on Your Soul Path

Emotional wounding during childhood seems to be an inevitable part of the human journey.  The primary negative emotions become lodged in the colon and form the foundations of our ego - the defences we develop to protect ourselves from experiencing more hurt and pain. These traumas create disconnection in the flow of information through the body and block us from feeling pleasure and joy.  These negative neural pathways become entrenched in us as we go through life and they can affect many of our body systems.  

The hormones of the endocrine system flow according to how we feel.  How we feel is generated by how we think.  How we think creates our experience of life and the perceptions we hold, as a result of repeating the same thoughts over and over again.  Most of us live in a constant state of survival thinking and will never realise our true potential or manifest the changes we desire.  This one day workshop offers you a new understanding of your life and the possibility to embody higher qualities.

Nourishing Your Self on Every Level

A weekend workshop exploring your relationship with food physically, emotionally and at a soul level.

Food, air and water are the ways that we take in the wisdom of the earth, provided by the elements.  When they're functioning well, our organs break down the information and then the body knows what to do next. Negative emotions will disrupt the connections in that flow of information.  

Our human life is about absorbing earth and universe love and wisdom. Energy needs to be flowing at every level for this process to give us all that we need to bring our gifts to the world.

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We experience life through our thinking and it can feel as though we're making choices, but actually we're not. 


What if life is happening without you needing to make any effort whatsoever?  Would it be fun to give up efforting and simply surrender into life?  Most people imagine giving up control will be difficult or that life will be dull if we're not making things happen.  The truth is, we're making things happen all the time - most of it unconsciously. Letting life happen from a conscious place is much more exciting and makes every day an adventure.

A weekend to explore letting go of your limits and falling into your true nature.

The above workshops are available locally in Forres and Findhorn.

Will2Soul can also be adapted to one weekend a month for 3 months, for other locations. 


If you have a group of friends interested in coming together

to explore expanded views of life I'm happy to travel to you

to share this understanding and to awaken your own deeper wisdom.

Just send me an email and let me know what you have in mind.

I'm also working to create online versions. 

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