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HealthSpace Q & A

In recent years I've been moving away from my 1:1 work with clients and at the same time pondering the nature of reality and how life moves us all and is in constant movement. The concept that there's any one right way to do anything, has become quite foreign to me. it's clear that life is an experience that is unfolding moment-to-moment and in which we are participating - albeit consciously or unconsciously.

As it's become clearer and clearer to me through my understanding of vibrational medicine, the Three Principles philosophy and my own rich exerpiences I've seen the truth of the way in which we are all complex dynamic beings, moving within the dynamic ever-changing field of the universe.

The other thing that's become very clear to me is that as we share this human journey together, within a particular collective culture, we tend to face the same issues - often at all levels - physicallyemotionally, mentally and spiritually. Along the way we sometimes seek the answers to these dilemmas by engaging in particular schools of thought and utilising these as a way to give life meaning. At times we might even believe that one particular school is offering us the TRUTH we've been looking for. 

Depending on our soul's journey, we will face different issues at different times, and there will be different answers for us all, according to our particular curriculum and according to the complexity of our conditioning so far, and the level of our understanding and engagement with higher fields of consciousness.