Weekly online groups


A high-quality online evolving space, which offers a chance to drop your defences and allow vulnerability. Authentic connection creates an opportunity to express and to listen with your heart and from all your senses, while developing your deeper intuitive abilities.

The message I want to leave in the world is that we need to hold each other
tenderly and with love

How it works

HeartSpace offers a non-judgemental space to bring whatever is on your heart - joy or vulnerability - and to practice being your undefended self.


There is loving intent and safety in the space. 


We meet each other as "new" each time – understanding that each person is a dynamic field that is constantly moving and changing.


HeartSpace is offering the freedom to notice and share these inner movements.  

Connection with Self and Other

In my own healing journey, learning to be vulnerable and surrendering to my feelings, in a safe space with others, has shown me the value of heartfelt witnessing. 


HeartSpace is for honest self-reflection. We may be caught in a story but what's represented in the story or event, rather than the details of the event, is of more value - to you and to others.


Describing the feelings you experience in your body in the present moment is really helpful. 


Digging deeper into what that present moment experience might be trying to show you or the group, is essential. What is in one is in all. 


We need each other in order to heal.

Opening your mouth before you know what you want to say allows present moment exploration and can be really exciting. There is the opportunity for transparency and evolutionary conversation.


We heal the world as we learn to hold ourselves and others with love and compassion. 

How Can I Join?

HeartSpace  groups are opening regularly with two new groups about to start on Thursdays 2pm-3.30pm and Sundays 5.30pm-7.00pm (UK time) from 24 February.

Joining a group requires a 6 week commitment and a willingness to show up authentically. 

If you're interested in joining, click here for more information. There is a cost of £50 for the 6 weeks.

We meet on Zoom - sometimes as a whole group and sometimes we go into breakout rooms.  

What others have said...


Guidance for Life on Earth Book 3

Stephen Busby

"I am here, we are here, to encompass our world through the heart, blessing all that arises." 

There wasn't anything I didnt like about HeartSpace.


It felt good to be in a safe, non-judgemental space where vulnerability was welcome, to learn new listening skills and new ways to support myself, and to receive quality feedback. It was also good to practice speaking from a different place in oneself, to meet new people with our different lives but coming together in the same spirit and purpose, being conscious of the container. Practicing noticing our own energy/emotions etc. made it a very rich shared space and Kate's unique group facilitation style (which was new to me) was a welcome relief to my nervous system. 


I have been reading recently about how when a person has not felt safe as a child, that even a loving community can feel unsafe as it's hard to let down one's defenses, unless that community are aware and prepared to be supportive of the "unpacking" that might occur over time. I feel having HeartSpace over a long period of maybe a year would also help people like me who might need time to develop a healthier social nervous system. 

Thank you for HeartSpace xxx

LG, England