Whilst the HeartSpace group will have the feeling of a high-quality social space, it’s not only that, as it offers a chance to refine your intuitive skills and an opportunity to express and to listen with your heart and from all your senses.  


Because of our intention to use inquiry, curiosity and self-refection as our main tools, it won't be a space for stories... so telling a story to blame others for your feelings or circumstances is not the point. Engaging more with what's represented in the story or event, rather than the details or facts is useful. Telling a very short story to describe how your feelings have been triggered and describing what they feel like in your body in the present moment is helpful. 


There's a chance to look more deeply into the way our circumstances will often helpfully illuminate whatever remains unconscious in our being or our thinking.

Participating as a listener and space holder, there is no advice required or re-telling of memories that might be sparked by another person's sharing. It's about bringing your heartfelt presence and witnessing, because this is inevitably what leads to very deep healing. 

Speaking about the ways in which we feel impacted or inspired by someone's sharing is fine if they've asked for feedback (not advice or stories). 


A response might be something like  "My heart is touched" or "I notice I have tears arising just now" or "I'm aware of feeling lighter as I listen to your words" or "I have a sense of being a small child when I listen to your words; I'm not sure if that's you or me". 



It’s about listening to each other in a very different way, and rather than listening from our mental thinking, listening for the finer nuances of how things impact us personally, and how the field is influencing us, and/or sensing a transmission behind the words or the topic of the speaker.

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Because of the way we habitually project our own worldview, we never know what is actually "ours" and what is "theirs" so we can only name things that are in the field.  In this way the group experience can serve to develop your ability to tune in to higher levels of information and discern more about the collective nature of our existence as our conditioning falls away. Because we're working in a "field" it's also good to remember that pretending or a lack of authenticity will be felt or sensed by other people.

Because we're potentially opening ourselves up to new and deeper ways of communicating, we're bound to meet parts of ourselves that we normally keep hidden or parts that remain unconscious. This might come up when we find ourselves irritated by someone in the group. It takes some courage but there are ways to open the conversation so we take responsibility for what is irritating us rather than blaming the other, or we can simply attempt to move into compassion for ourselves that we are experiencing some kind of judgement and notice that we're all human and less than perfect sometimes. 


As the facilitator of the group, my role will be to create and hold the space and to encourage the exploration of broader fields of awareness together. There’s no pressure to develop any skills other than the opportunity to practice allowing vulnerability for self and others. However, it isn't a therapy group and you are asked to take personal responsibility if something that happens in the group that needs deeper work with a therapist.


There may be times when I will ask provocative questions to help someone go deeper with their inner exploration or share what I'm seeing or sensing - for the group or individuals - and I will also be sharing openly about my own journey. 


This is not about me being the one with the answers... but more that I'm seeking and offering a place where we can all be together in a beneficial heartfelt way, opening ourselves to life's questions as they show up individually and collectively. 


Each zoom call will include some time of silence at the start, then maybe I'll read something or speak about something inspirational. There may be smaller breakout groups to share in pairs or triads, depending on our numbers, and there'll be the whole group sharing space.


There won't be any particular theme and all feelings will be welcome. 

To register for HeartSpace click here to pay and use HeartSpace Thursday or HeartSpace Sunday as your reference to receive the Zoom link. 

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HeartSpace Group Guidelines


  • Remember our purpose - we're here to love and accept one another. No fixing or analysing

  • We agree to share honestly from our hearts

  • When judgment arises we'll gently bring our attention to compassion - for self and other.

  • We won't interrupt and will give our full attention to each speaker

  • We'll be time aware and not take all the space

  • We will speak from "I" statements not "you"

  • We will allow ourselves to be seen in our hurt, anger, and joy.. without making others responsible for any of our feelings

  • As much as possible we will avoid being defensive and notice our own moments of contraction and fear

  • We'll stay in the present moment 

  • We will keep everything confidential

  • We will honour silence and use it to feel more deeply into ourselves and others

  • If it seems we're going off purpose, we can ask for a moment of silence to refocus

  • We'll be gentle with each other and allow for mistakes as we know that none of us are perfect.


I wish we could talk about our hearts

like we talk about the weather,

Because whether we are ok 

Is more important than the chance of rain.


RH Swaney