Aaaaggghhhh! WHAT SHOULD WE DO???

I woke up this morning thinking about shared wisdom and how important it is at times like this. I thought to myself that there’s loads of information on the internet for people to discover… and realised that often it just generates more confusion.

Then I thought that there’s something about this situation that’s meant to bring us all together, and so I’m writing what I know from my background as a herbalist and naturopath, that might be helpful to my community of people, who might prefer to hear it from someone they know or someone who lives close by.

There are things that are useful to understand in this situation:

Whether we see the basis of this virus from old-fashioned germ theory or from old-fashioned naturopathic theory or from modern-day electromagnetic theory, there’s something essential to understand. The body produces a fever and mucus when it’s trying to get rid of toxins. The common cold is often just an overload of rubbish in the body and the production of mucus is the body’s attempt to flush out the garbage. When it can’t flush it out quickly enough there’s the chance that infection will develop.

Therefore it makes sense to have your body as free of toxic rubbish as possible when there’s an apparent “infection or virus” going around. You can do this in lots of different ways:

· Eat more alkaline foods and less acid foods. Acidity builds up in the cells and creates stagnation and toxic load. In very simple terms alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables. Acid foods are grains, dairy, meat, fish. Keep your diet light and as free of carbohydrates and sugar as possible. Eat 80% alkaline and 20% acid as much as you can. Or do a juice cleanse and give your body a total alkaline bath.

This helps to keep your body’s pH in balance and that means viruses won’t have a happy place to land.

· Address any signs of constipation as the colon is the body’s main route for rubbish to leave. Use psyllium husks and plenty of water, fresh fruit, especially apples and NOT laxatives to get things moving. If the body can’t release daily via the colon and kidneys, it will attempt to use the mucous membranes and the skin as other exit points…

· As a preventative keep your body warm and if possible heat it up regularly with a very deep hot bath or an infrared sauna if you have access to one. You can also use red light therapy at home but make sure you have a good quality, high wattage light that provides the right frequencies of light to activate the cellular level. I can give you more information about this is if it interests you.

· If you’re seeing this as a virus it’s good to know it doesn’t survive temperatures over 56 degrees F (13 C). If you’re using the hot bath, keep your head cool with a cold wet cloth. If you have symptoms, don’t immediately medicate the fever. It’s your body’s way of killing the bug, but equally don’t let a fever rise to unsafe levels. There’s good basic info here for children, but it applies equally to adults:

· It’s essential to make sure you’re hydrated at all times. Apart from washing your hands, make sure you’re sipping water regularly. If you want to understand more about this let me know and I can send you basic information. Most people know they need to drink water but they don’t understand that the water’s ability to get into the cells depends on having good fats in the diet (omega 3, 6 and 9). It’s also affected by the presence or lack of particular minerals (Magnesium, calcium etc.) and also by high levels of stress which zaps minerals from our system. It’s not as simple as just drinking lots of water. If it’s just making you pee a lot, there’s something else going on and it’s not useful as it’s simply overloading the kidneys.

· We need to know what the body needs to absorb and make use of the water because water creates an electron charge at the level of the cell membrane and that charge is the electrical spark that keeps you alive – it’s your wellbeing! That charge is also impacted by electromagnetic frequencies such as mobile phones, wi fi, 5G etc. Avoid being in a constant electromagnetic field by turning off wi fi at night (at least) or using a cord from modem to computer. Turn your mobile phone off at night if possible and at least don’t sleep with it anywhere near your body. Place it on the other side of the room, well away from your bed if you need to have it switched on.

· In order to support the body to rid itself of toxins we also need to move the body so the lymph system is able to function. The valves in the circulatory system operate automatically, so blood moves without us doing anything. Lymph valves only open and close according to our movement, so simple exercise is essential. Do whatever you can on a daily basis to move your body whether it’s aerobic exercise, yoga, stretching, tai chi, gym workout (all at home obviously). Choose your medicine and do it every day.

· Herbal medicines come in different forms. I use fluid extract herbal medicines which are the strongest dose… 1 part herb to 1 part liquid. Tinctures are often 1 part herb to 4 parts liquid and therefore not so strong. The nature of herbal medicine is that some herbs treat acute symptoms and some herbs provide a tonic to the body…. Improving the function of organs over time. Preventative measures to support the immune system include taking Ashwaganda or Astragalus but both these herbs will work slowly over 1-3 months, and not have a big impact if you’re dealing with acute symptoms.

Acute symptoms will be served by using herbs that are anti-catarrhal and also specific herbs for the lungs. The ones I have in stock include: yarrow, fenugreek, coltsfoot, mullein, horehound, ginger, eyebright, chamomile, liquorice, peppermint, elder, Iceland moss. If you want to see a bigger list Google “anti-catarrhal herbs”. Basic culinary herbs like garlic, ginger, sage (for the sore throat) and thyme for the lungs are also useful, but not sprinkled onto food. Herbs have to be made into tea with boiling water added, in order to activate the therapeutic ingredients. Or use them in cooking so the heat activates them. A simple cough remedy (usually used for babies but still useful for adults) is to slice an onion very thinly and place it on a saucer or in a bowl. Drizzle honey over the onion and cover. Let it soak overnight and use the liquid as a cough medicine. Onions can also be used as a poultice on the chest. Not so appealing! So I won’t include the instructions here J

If you need stronger herbal medicine please be in touch. Consults via email, phone or skype, and medicine can be collected from my front doorstep. Email:

· For soothing symptoms and supporting the immune system, try Kick-a-Germ-Juice (lemon, honey, garlic, ginger plus hot water) or Fire Cider which you can find here:

· Re food, Anthony William says that some foods feed viruses and eggs are one of those foods. It’s essential to avoid sugar, dairy and gluten as they’re all mucus producing. Reduce fats and carbs. No refined (white) carbohydrates. Anthony William has just released this comprehensive information from his standpoint, and you can download it for free if you want more recipes and advice. It seems it can’t be printed unfortunately without a password

· The download above includes information about supplements but if you don’t have time to read it, the essential basic things you need are

o Vitamin C (1000mg twice a day for prevention, 3-5000mg in divided doses daily if you’re ill with the virus) A C-Complex is best (includes rutin and bioflavonoids)

o Zinc that’s absorbable

o Liquid Selenium

o Liquid Vitamin B Complex

o Magnesium Bisglycinate

I recommend supplements from these two high quality UK based companies who are still taking orders over the phone.



* The other deeper issues to be aware of, apart from electromagnetic frequencies are the internal environment of your cells. Sugar and wheat feed candida which is a fungus that lives in the body all the time and has a purpose. It’s kept in check through the presence of lactobacillus acidophilus but can easily get overgrown and cause digestive and other symptoms (eg. thrush, bloating, constipation). Olive oil, avocado and garlic are anti-fungal foods. If you’re eating sugar, bread, chocolate, even in small amounts, make sure you’re also eating the things that balance the internal bacteria. Cells that are overgrown with fungus make a happy landing place for any bug that’s going round.

· In addition due to our lifestyle and levels of pollution (maybe not locally but possibly in childhood in other locations) we are all dealing with a heavy metal load in our bodies. Dental amalgams, metals in the water we drink, cooking with aluminium utensils in the past, contaminants in a range of cosmetic products including sunscreen, foundation, nail polish, lipstick and whitening toothpaste. Several ingredients derived from plant sources like cottonseed oils and rice derivatives may also contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury. They’re in the air we breathe, in agricultural pesticides and fertilisers, pharmaceutical drugs etc. so they’re difficult to avoid. The symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can be found online but most of us aren’t suffering effects at that obvious level. Instead we’re just constantly dealing with a toxic load going into our bodies day after day and undermining our health. 5G has been shown to interact with the water, oxygen and metals in our bodies and this “poisoning” effect seems to mirror some of the corona virus symptoms…

· If you want to support your body in cleansing from heavy metal intoxication and strengthen your immune system so you’re less susceptible to the virus if you encounter it, I would recommend the following month-long cleanse from Anthony William.


This month-long cleanse gives the liver, gut and lymphatic system support and also cleanses heavy metals from the system.

In addition to your normal daily food intake - drink the following tonics. This is not a ‘weight loss diet’ - do not go into ‘diet’ mode as this will stress your adrenals. Eat regularly and often to keep your adrenals calm. They’ll be quite active at the moment with the perceived threat of the virus.

Tonics to add in around normal meals and snacks

Morning on an empty stomach : 16 oz organic Celery Juice (1 bunch) Build up slowly if sensitive.

Wait at least 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.

HEAVY METAL DETOX SMOOTHIE (dependent on supplies being available of course)

Makes 1 serving. I use half quantity as a breakfast smoothie and add my liquid supplements to it. Adjust the quantity to suit yourself but don’t leave out any ingredients.

2 bananas

2 cups wild blueberries

1 cup fresh coriander – can also use dried but adapt the quantity

1 teaspoon barley grass juice powder

1 teaspoon spirulina

1 tablespoon dulse 1 orange 1 cup water

Combine the bananas, blueberries, cilantro, barley grass juice powder, spirulina, and dulse with the juice of one orange in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Add up to 1 cup of water if a thinner consistency is desired. Serve and enjoy!

If the barley grass juice powder and spirulina make the taste too strong for you, start with a small amount of each and work your way up.

Midday : Juice of ½ lemon or ½ lime in 16oz water

Late afternoon: 16oz Ginger water (if travelling use a ginger teabag)

Evening : 16oz of Cucumber juice (2 cucumbers)

or 16 oz Aloe water

Foods to Avoid during this month:


Dairy (including ghee, dairy kefir, etc)




Corn / corn syrup

Rapeseed oil / Canola oil



Bass fish

Make sure you stay hydrated during the month of cleansing even more than usual.


These are my morning thoughts! I hope you find them helpful and if you have questions or need herbs or further information re water etc. please email me at or ask questions on my Facebook page:

If you’re interested in my thoughts on the levels other than the physical please see the blog I wrote a few days ago and look out for the next one coming up….

Love and healing vibes coming your way,


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