Being fully spent....

I've just returned from a walk with my dogs on a wild and windy morning. We walked through pine forest where the wind had blown branches and cones onto the ground during the night.

I was reminded of being on a Gene Keys retreat several years ago where we were asked to choose something from nature to represent an aspect of ourselves. I think it might have been to do with freedom and the 55th Gene Key. I chose a pine cone that was fully blown open, having released all its seed to be carried by the winds.

It symbolised for me the desire to fully offer whatever is mine to offer to the world before I leave this earthly plane, and I've kept that particular pine cone to regularly remind me to do that.

This morning as I witnessed nature letting go of everything material, I also recalled an email sent to me by a special friend a couple of weeks ago from her bed in the middle of the night... the message said:

I am not sleeping.... Having a good cry. Processing life and death stuff, you know the score. I'm having a rush-in feeling that I would really love it if we could spend time together, in person.

I hope that happens somehow.

This is not a pressure laden comment, just feels good to express it :)

Life feels too vital to pretend or hide or be inauthentic any more.

Peace and Love to you. x

I couldn't agree more with her sentiments... and I'd love to have the freedom to be with her in person just now, to experience the easy loving connection we share, but alas the world is a strange place and freedom can feel a bit elusive at times. Especially around travel.

I also pondered more deeply her particular words on my walk this morning

Life feels too vital to pretend or hide or be inauthentic any more.

And as I watched the wild wind sweeping away the old leaves, the broken branches, the cones and seeds that hold new life, I mentally revisited Richard Rudd's beautiful video that I'd watched first thing this morning, called Packing Up The World.

It's a prophecy for the stage that humanity is moving through and a wake up call to pay attention to what's being left behind, and where we might be going in the future. An opportunity to notice whether your actions and choices are invoking a new world of loving connection, wholeheartedness and higher consciousness (my words) ....or not. Richard's video is beautiful and only 18 minutes long. Well worth watching to see if his perspective has any resonance for you and what you sense is happening to us all.

If you were the pine cone, what seeds do you have for the world that are left unspent before the world as we know it is "packed up"?

If you really listen to your heart, what would you be choosing to do today that might be leading us into the new world that's emerging?

Letting go of the familiar ground we've been walking upon until now, is a frightening thing to experience. And yet, for me it feels as though it's the only choice we have... whether we think in terms of the change brought about through lockdowns and new political strategies, or the much advertised threat of death from viruses generating mass fear ... or even more personal issues with ill health and ageing processes, we're moving in a new dimension where things we took for granted are no longer available and we're being asked to re-imagine the world we want to inhabit.

Who hasn't found joy in seeing videos of animals returning to their habitats and pollution clearing because of less flights occurring worldwide in the last years?

This gives us a glimpse of what's possible in healing the earth and how quickly we can make different choices when given serious motivation. Ideally not from fear, but from love.

What's more interesting to me is what's left in your pine cone.... and if you could finish the sentence "The message I want to leave in the world is.... "

What words come out of your mouth unguarded?

It's not always about what we're doing, but about the why behind what we're doing... It's not always about doing something very visible or new in the world, but more about what we can allow to emerge in new ways through releasing old attitudes, old stories, old agendas and allowing a new aspect of the self to show through... in my case what's emerged is a softer, gentler, less busy version of myself.

She's not always comfortable with the "not doing" that's required; or the fact that life no longer conforms to her previous levels of efficiency and competence; or that she regularly discovers she's not in control of anything! But now I've given respectful space to this softer part, she seems more able to hold everything more lightly, and with more curiosity and kindness. These qualities seem to be more aligned with who I really am, whereas Miss Control Freak and Miss Efficiency were often coming out of the coping mechanisms I'd learned to use in childhood in order to feel safe in the world. They served me really well until this current planetary shift occurred that clearly requires something different.

When we let these old ways melt, and allow new ways to emerge... when our why starts to make sense to our hearts, our choices seem to become more imbued with our soul's energy.

And although the ground and the structures around you will feel less familiar in some ways, you will feel amazingly supported and held in other ways. Life becomes a gentle and more playful adventure as your pine cone bursts and your seeds are carried by the winds, to land softly in new potent soil. That soil might not have solid physical structure yet, but on the ethers you're manifesting a new way of being - for yourself and for humanity.

From the seed of what lives in your heart and soul, you will nurture the very thing you've come to bring to humanity and somehow, with that very thing you contribute, the new world is effortlessly brought into being.

Being fully, wholeheartedly yourself is no small thing.

As we're all attempting to navigate this movement from the old ways of operating to the new ways that are emerging, personally and universally,

let's remind ourselves regularly of my friend's wise words...

Life feels too vital to pretend or hide or be inauthentic any more.

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