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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

For some time I’ve called myself an alchemist because this word embraced different aspects of my learning and also described the possibility of something uniquely spontaneous, alive and intuitive occurring in the moment. This occurs when we allow wisdom to arise from our connection, creating synergy and magic. I have heard it said that an alchemist is someone who turns everything into love…. this has felt like a high aspiration for me.

My work with vibrational medicine taught me that the main purpose of our existence is to integrate earth love and wisdom with universe love and wisdom. For 10 years I've been very focused on the wisdom aspects of life... passing on information and helping clients to understand the complexity of this life we inhabit and how to find our way through physical symptoms, emotional wounding and improve our connection to other dimensions and levels of information.

Last year that journey took a sudden turn and I realised that I was being asked to move from my head into my heart....from a focus on wisdom to a focus on love.

With this as my intent I now feel drawn to expand this field of alchemy to create a crucible… not a physical receptacle, but online using Zoom.

A crucible is a heat resistant, round, deep container

in which metals can be melted and from which sparks fly.

The container can receive and hold everything.

Our vibrational online container will be a crucible of love.

This idea came from guidance I received last year and have since been attempting to live by.

"In all your waking and sleeping moments

let me hold you with my love.

Melt yourself into me and absorb this frequency

so you can fully remember who you are."

In that process I’ve remembered that I am love.

And that love is all that I am.

There is nothing else I need to be, because all else flows from that place.

So I’m now offering a regular space to sit together consciously in the field of love.

It is a crucible where we meet with the intention to be melted and transformed by opening to a pure vibrational field that isn’t dependent on wisdom or knowledge, but on allowing and being, and embodying love, because we know deep down that this is who we really are.

The space will be open at 4.30pm on Tuesdays each week (UK time) and will be silent. This will be hugely challenging for me as I’m a lover of words, but the invitation is to join with me for 30 minutes with the intent to come into connection with your heart and to embody love.

My sense is that the only obstacles in the way of love are the stories we tell, the thoughts we believe and the words we use to keep them alive, so let’s have half an hour without words.

There is no agenda to learn anything, to save ourselves or to save the world.

There are no goals or right ways of being love.

There is no obligation to show up every week, or twice a week, only an invitation to melt into the crucible of love when you feel drawn.

As a crucible can also be a place where our strength is tested, or where we experience a baptism of fire, questions and stories might arise from our sitting together in this field.

To give space for this, there will be a private Facebook group in which to express insights and gifts. The group guidelines will include a word limit… so we’re only speaking from what is essential, after our own deep inquiry, rather than telling long stories. This means that when a question or story arises within you, you need to inquire into the different layers of it yourself in order to offer the most succinct version of the question or insight to the group.

The intent of the FB group is to continue to abide in the presence of love while using words to express or question, to connect and celebrate new ways of being, and being together. If I can add wisdom from my alchemical knowledge, I will offer that in the group space, possibly in response to any questions.

The only reason to meet in the crucible or in the group is simply to embody love....

If you’re interested in connecting in this way, please email me at and ask for the Zoom link.

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