Dancing with skin disease...

This morning as I put my moisturiser on, I felt dryness where a skin cancer was burnt off 14 years ago. It reminded me that when I was 16, I foolishly lay in the Australian midday sun in 32 degree heat on the beach chatting with a girlfriend and ended up with a serious burn to the front of my body, head to toe, because I was wearing only a very skimpy bikini.

I was flat on my back unable to move for 6 weeks - not even to go to the toilet. The doctor couldn't do anything so my mother nursed me by applying cold black tea, raw tomatoes and cod liver oil - her home remedies for burns - applied at differing intervals when the deep body pain was unbearable and the blisters grew to 10 centimetres in diameter. God bless her for doing what she did... As one layer of skin came off, the huge blisters re-grew and another layer came off and then finally a third layer, before I could begin to heal.

If I believed the theory that sun damage causes skin cancer I'd have spent my life in fear because of this one severely deep burn. If I believed that I inherited my mother's skin I'd have spent most of my life having multiple skin cancers cut from my body, as she did. But neither of these things have happened so far, despite my history. Not all due to my strong beliefs, because I have had encounters with skin issues, but therein lies the point of this story.

I had a minor spot on my nose for many many years, which caused me no problem. Then in 2012, I had 4 enormous shocks in close succession, and in dealing with the aftermath of these issues the spot on my nose began to change and bleed. I worked with it in many different ways - juicing, cleansing, emotional therapy, herbs, homeopathy, vibrational medicine - and although I could reduce its size, I couldn't make it go away completely. I'd had a biopsy which indicated that it was a Basal Cell Carcinoma and been in and out of the medical system, refusing Moh's surgery for 5 years, hoping to avoid the knife. One of the consultants even agreed with me that his medicine (surgery) was not addressing the cause.

Then in 2017 my mother died and shortly after that, I realised that my refusal to have the spot surgically removed was coming from a loud voice inside of me that didn't want to be "like my mother" (who had way too many skin cancers surgically removed). Something in me was finally ready to surrender and say "Yes, I am your daughter, I carry your DNA, I'm here because you gave me life." I went for the surgery because I knew that over a five year struggle I'd definitely given it my best shot, and because I was tired of what it represented - the lifelong battle with my mother. The spot was a symbol of our connection in a way, and I no longer needed this reminder of her.

Since then I've had another spot develop on my nose (another BCC) and I've had successful treatment with vibrational medicine, immediate results and no surgery required.

Over the years, I've watched many skin cancers come and go in response to my stress levels. When I perceived life to be gently supporting me, they subsided, and when I felt overloaded and unsupported, they seemed to reappear and progress quite rapidly in response to my fearful thinking. I've seen how they give me a barometer reading for how my soul is doing, how much attention I'm giving to self-care and how safe I'm feeling in the world. After all the skin is our interface with the world. And when the body is in stress (survival thinking), we reduce our ability to heal because our immune system is compromised.

I remember sharing this with my mother many years ago, and I saw that she had no capacity to take in this idea. Either you have skin cancers or you don't! Yes, I have had them, and I can usually manage them with the help of my body's healing mechanisms, except when shock and subsequent chronic stress prevented that, as in 2012.

The body is always trying to find harmony. If we provide the right information (quality food, air and water) and avoid believing our repetitive conditioned thinking we have a good chance of staying well in this constantly changing world.

The cells need quality information and clear communication channels, to maintain connection and flow, to discern what's useful and discard what's not, just as we need this ability in all aspects of our lives. If your body is showing you symptoms, there's probably somewhere in your life that you're not fully in your integrity.

Integrity is when we think, say and do in alignment.

Are you giving your body the most nourishing foods?

Are you enjoying some form of gentle exercise?

Do you breathe consciously?

Are you meditating?

Do you have unfinished business with people in your life?

What's your body asking you to do?

Maybe just to love it the way it is and appreciate that every day your heart beats and your lungs breathe, without any effort or thinking on your part.

Every cell is attuned to your heart and mind, and plays it's specialised part in this universe we call a body. All the different cells are communicating with each other and they're allowing you to have conscious awareness, and to observe the signals that tell you things are sometimes not in harmony - physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

We are multidimensional beings with a physical body and all disease originates in the energy bodies first. Different modalities treat disease at different levels. That's why sometimes healing is a journey rather than an instant fix as we move from one modality or practitioner to another. It's not that something hasn't worked... it's that another step is needed.

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