Sound and Time and Joy and Transformation - part one

The above image is a sound wave.... and today I'm feeling an excitement about exploring the impact of sound but not in the usual ways.

For a while now I've noticed that I don't want to write long stories in emails. I've been noticing my inability to express in writing/typing, as a way to share what is going on inside me because I know that in the next moment, that may change. If a friend replies to me in three days, I'm already someone totally different and what I wrote three days ago has become irrelevant.

I've noticed that I prefer to speak into my phone as a way of connecting with friends and sharing my inner thoughts and feelings via Signal voice messages rather than sending texts. There is also something very different about hearing the other person's voice when they reply in the same way.

It's always been known that a problem shared is a problem halved...that is, talking therapies like counselling and psychotherapy have been very effective tools for many many years. We know the power of healing from singing bowls, toning, or using Voice Dialogue or Music Therapy. I notice that more and more people are using videos on FB rather than posting text or images. Everybody is going LIVE.

A few months ago I started to read Stephen Busby's channelled book Guidance for Life on Earth and it was like reading another language. The words didn't string together in a way that I could understand. I realised that the book was definitely trying to go beyond my logical mind and that it was a transmission, but also felt frustrated by the feeling that I couldn't get hold of the meaning. In my frustration I said to a friend "Just listen to this mumbo jumbo!" and I read the first page of the book to her. When I read it out loud, I could understand everything that was being said. I found this remarkable and proceeded to read the remainder of the book out loud, albeit quietly to myself.

Within the book, the reader is encouraged to record the exercises out loud and then listen to them rather than trying to read them and do them at the same time.

When I started to read book two by the same author and channelled guides I found a chapter on Sounding which says: "Through you sound is transmitted outwards into our world and touches far further and deeper than any action which appears exclusively physically focused."

Between book one and book two I found myself in a muddle of awareness. Some of the discomfort in me was that Spirit were coming to me in a different way which now requires me to speak everything out loud whereas I used to just hear my guides in my head. I've always spoken out loud for clients of course, but for myself I usually wrote the guidance down. I had been feeling a lack of guidance and information coming to me personally and then a friend channelled some guidance for me in which I was told that I could do the same in order to receive my own guidance.

It took a while for it to sink in, but I finally understood that unless I speak the guidance (for myself) out loud I don't get the full sentence ... so I get part of a sentence in my head and unless I flow it through my throat and voice I don't get anything else coming to me. At that point I started to record guidance for myself into my Voice Memo app on my phone. And now I do it with voice activated dictation so I still have a written record.

This was all lovely, except that at the same time a lot of my childhood fear was being activated so it felt quite discombobulating to experience a stronger sense of the presence of Spirit in my life, to embrace a new way of connecting with them that includes using sound in a more conscious way, and yet to find myself experiencing old trauma arising.

Being able to separate or preferably integrate these two things created discomfort while my mind tried to understand what was happening. At some point I realised that it was just important to BE with this new way of healing.... to quietly explore and integrate both vibrations .. the one from my guides which needed voice and speech, and the old experiences and stories rising up in my cells which also needed voice and speech.

I was attempting to explain my inner process to a friend and found myself saying: This idea makes me want to sing right now (and I DON'T sing!)

At this time another friend took advantage of my offer for her to download her clearing/healing process into Signal any time if it was useful, via her voice rather than texting me. She was amazed at the difference it made for her to just download the information by speaking out loud. Somehow letting the feelings go was much easier then. And I was able to fully appreciate that this process resulted in movement.

Shortly after that I came across something about the importance of sound coming through the vocal cords / fifth chakra... to activate pleasure in the second chakra.

In vibrational medicine theory my understanding is that the first things to arise out of consciousness after the Big Bang were song, speech, voice and movement. And the seed of who we are is joy (pleasure). This potential for joy is held in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum of every cell in the body. And just like an acorn knows how to grow into a perfect oak tree, we know that our highest potential is joy because it's contained in our blueprint.

What conflicts with this is that survival is held in the same part of the cell. So anything that challenges our survival (trauma) will interrupt our flow of pleasure and joy. As we clear more of our own personal trauma from past and present lives, and participate in the healing of collective trauma, we are moving consciously towards that higher vibration.

Although I'm not dismissing the importance of journalling or using writing as a way to pass on information, or to make sense of our own inner process (which has been my preferred medium all my life) now it makes sense to me why I/we might want to speak rather than write.

The vibration of sound is so much quicker, and the healing is so much quicker and the movement through the body is so much quicker ....and it's all done in the present moment. The response is in the present moment and I feel excited when I type these words as I feel conscious of a new level of vibrational support that has arrived to make this possible.

It feels like the written word might be holding us in the density of the mind especially if we're going back and reading old words that get reaffirmed each time they're read, and holding these thoughts as reality (still). I believe it might be a way that we slow down the healing process. The urge to speak the words into a space of connection feels like a present moment embodiment of the wish to be connected, healed and whole.

Bizarrely, these times of Covid 19 have provided an opportunity for many more people to be able to access a state of just BEING. In that state, we're allowing the integration of that new vibration for humanity and we're also allowing the possibility of sensing what we personally need in order to move forward, through allowing the new vibration to land within us, and not running away from the old trauma that might be stirred up in the process, but reaching out to connect in healthy ways and sharing our vulnerability in safe connections with others.

Through the use of voice, speech and song, we can create the movement (transformation) towards joy.

When I speak my inner process in a safe space it seems that there is so much more expansion possible... in taking the words and sounds through my vocal cords and throat chakra I'm hearing myself and it seems that this access to voice and sound adds wisdom and information, not always available to me if I write. It speeds the movement of re-connection to myself and my growing awareness. Speaking feels so much more like it's the present moment and invites a more immediate response from the other, which offers the opportunity for moment by moment health, wholeness and wellbeing.

Awareness seems to be increasing at a rapid rate in these changing times, and the veils are definitely thinner so we have more access to engagement with other realms. There is definitely more access to the understanding of unity consciousness and "no separation".

What I'm now realising is that this increased use of sound is impacting time in a big way.... so that the speed at which we are able to transition into other dimensional awareness is definitely faster.

Look out for part two coming soon.....

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