Sound and time and joy and transformation - part two

Last week I explored feeling more attuned to sound as a present moment experience and described at length how that has played out for me in avoiding too much writing and preferring to speak; in my communication with others and also in receiving guidance from other realms. I also referred to the origins of consciousness as song, speech, voice and movement and mentioned that as this new level of understanding was opening up in me, a lot of childhood trauma was also rising to the surface. I illuminated the fact that the potential for joy and survival sit in the same part of our cells... the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

Following on from this I have been shown another level at which sound and movement can speed up the possibility of emotional healing.

We often speak about our triggers and "patterns" and up until now I've thought about them as patterns of behaviour and conditioned habitual responses related to neural pathways etc. I've valued the importance of presencing these emotional responses through verbal expression.

Recently I've understood that at a deeper level the harmonious sacred geometry that resides in the body, is interrupted or disturbed by the emotions of the past showing up as what we call "triggers" in the present.

When we're in the womb, at a certain developmental stage the platonic solids that make up the complicated shapes of sacred geometry are absorbed into the body and contribute to the formation of our amazing perfect physical and energetic cellular shapes.

The flower of life shown above in two dimensional form is the harmonious pattern of our world (in its three dimensional form), and it moves through our physical bodies when we're fully in resonance with the flow of life. When an emotional "trigger" shows up, it is directing me to an area of my body where the flower of life pattern is in disarray. That disarray has found a partner in the person who is apparently a trigger for me. They will be holding the same pattern of disarray somewhere in their own energetic field.

I saw that it is completely impersonal and purely harmonic!

When I saw this clearly I found that the charge disappeared from my emotions... I was just able to see that something needed readjusting in the energetic field that moves through my body and is always moving towards harmony.

I saw that it's about resonance and harmonics, and this is very liberating because it means that blame falls away, self and other fall away, and there is only the movement towards inner alignment with the oneness of life.

This awareness I'm describing has happened at the level of thought... and then there is the energetic pattern to be loosened up, so that it can find its right formation again. This is where sound and movement arise as a gentle way of bringing in new information through harmonic resonance.

With some conscious awareness of where this misalignment is sitting in the body we can make spontaneous sounds and movements, intending and allowing the disturbed inner pattern to be dislodged and to find it's true resonance again.

This might be something as simple as feeling anger and sensing it's in your right foot, then shaking the foot and leg to literally "shake it off". Or it might involve a gentle spiralling movement of your spine and head (almost a dance) as you allow emotional content to dislodge and free the body to find its new resonance. In both cases the movement might be accompanied by a spontaneous note you want to sound, or toning, or a melody that comes through the throat calling in the highest resonance. It might be playing music that balances your chakras but the real power in this is the knowing that we don't actually need anything external to "fix" us...

When I understood that the trigger is impersonal and only about harmonics, and then experienced this use of sound and movement together, allowing the possibility for the pattern to fall away, I found myself saying out loud "You've got to be kidding! It's really this simple?"

Yes it can be that simple on the level of harmonics ... and there's also the levels at which the parasympathetic nervous system is in a chronic state of activation that means we aren't able to access this gentle simple place, because the physical body is in survival mode, due to past or present experiences which are maintained via thought.

In this case, it's actually NO movement that is the answer. A few months ago my GP/herbalist suggested a simple exercise to calm my vagus nerve. It's been one of the most useful things I've learned in my life and has taken me out of "survival" mode. If this is where you feel stuck, I really suggest you try this. It requires a 3-day commitment. At the start of each day, wake up and after getting a drink or walking about for a while, lie down on the floor for one minute and then get up. In an hours time lie on the floor again for one minute and get up. Continue to do this throughout your waking day until bedtime.

There are many other ways to settle the vagus nerve (like simple belly breathing that moves your diaphragm) but if you've been in a state of chronic stress or shock since childhood, (and most of us have been albeit unconsciously) I would really recommend doing this exercise.

The parasympathetic nervous system calms down and is then more able to respond to the natural ebb and flow of life... which is experienced as a new level of resilience within the stillness and movement of life. There will always be both, as we live in a three-dimensional world of duality, informed by flow of information from the intelligence of divine mind.

The flow of information available to us will still bring emotions to our awareness - for life is a constant balancing of homeostasis - at the physical level, and also at the energetic level. Our ability to sense more deeply into our bodies and energetic systems will mean that "patterns" associated with the past can more easily fall away, so we feel lighter, freer and more able to align with our spontaneous senses, making wise use of simple tools like sound and movement.

The potential for joy is free to arise when we're not in survival mode - emotionally, physically or energetically.

The speed at which we can access these levels of healing is increasing every day as humanity is offered the possibility of moment-by-moment transmutation and transformation on a grand scale.

If you're here in this particular time, your only task is to sound your joyful note and be present to play your part.

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