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Recently I've posted and forwarded several videos regarding the possible connection between 5G and Covid-19. Some from medical doctors I have followed for years and whom I know and respect, and others from less reputable sources. I'm fascinated by the idea that the 1918 flu epidemic coincided with the introduction of radio wave frequency into our world. I read or heard somewhere that tests to contaminate some people with that flu failed, so there were questions about whether it was actually contagious or even a flu.

My most recent forwarded post was a video purported to be a previous Vodafone boss whistleblowing about the known dangers of 5G. About 10 people have come back to me questioning his motives and identity, and I'm totally fine with that because it's made me realise something important.

I'm not trying to prove that 5G is causing Covid-19.

I am wanting to stay informed of ALL the background influences in this current world scenario, so that we can move through it with some degree of conscious awareness.

By fully engaging our awareness we're in a position to let go of old habits and distractions and make new choices, which is the only way I can see that we're going to come out of this with a new version of society.

For me this now includes getting off social media, Gmail and WhatsApp so that my life is not under surveillance. It's a challenge for me to do this because this is where I see photos of my grandchildren who all live in Australia, and the way I stay in touch for free with my children and friends.... and there are other ways. I just needed to value my freedom of speech enough to find those other ways. I'm now using the Signal app which allows me to do all the same as WhatsApp but without my voice recordings and messages being stored in their archive. Signal is ethical. Take a look

However! This is not what I started to write about!

What's clear to me this morning is that it doesn't matter what causes Covid-19. When people (including me) are in their heads reading everything they can find to discover what's behind this latest global challenge - conspiracy theories, 5G money, pharmaceutical companies, population control, political agendas, biological weapons, OR a mutated virus, and wanting proof of who said what - we're all still trying to solve the problem from the level at which it was created - our intellect.

And whilst the heart journey is where we're being called, it's also felt really important to me that "new age believers" don't get into spreading the luuuurrrvvve and overlook the potential hidden agendas behind this situation.

Most importantly it's not about creating "us and them" scenarios.

We'll survive, and that survival will depend on our adaptation. Adaptation is the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment.

In this talk called Deep adaptation Jem Bendell is talking about climate change but whether it's that or Covid-19, collapse and recovery (adaptation) will likely be part of both situations and we need to be skilful in the way we do this.

In 1918 the world survived the introduction of radio wave frequency albeit with a huge loss of life... and maybe it will be the same with 5G technology. This can feel frightening and overwhelming to some people. As it seems that not even scientific evidence and several countries banning 5G based on this evidence, has been able to stop the march of 5G into our atmosphere, it seems there is some inevitability about where things might be going. It also seems simplistic to me to imagine that countries can "choose" not to have receptors for 5G but how can they "choose" what's being beamed down into our atmosphere and messing with earth's energetic structures?

Today isn't about getting clear and deciding whether Covid-19 is really contagious, whether it's really about 5G, or any of the other possible (and maybe combined) causes.

Today is about looking at the things you and I do, the choices we make that are not whole-hearted, that feel driven by an unhealthy system, the things we do because we believe we "have to, that contribute to a world that thrives on separation and values money or technology over kindness and connection.

There's a much bigger agenda of change wanting to happen, that clearly goes WAY beyond simple politics and will require a paradigm shift. When I can get out of playing intellectual ping-pong and needing to be right or wrong, I might have the capacity to hold it all as "old information". That holding place requires being comfortable with the "not knowing".

We can't work this out with our heads or know what the new information is yet.

We can't work it out by just putting out lovely positive vibrations, sweet thoughts and random acts of kindness and hoping for the best.

I need to get comfortable with making conscious choices in every moment and this requires me to stay mindful in each moment. This pause in the world has opened a portal for introducing new behaviours (I don't even know what they are yet) and for accessing a deeper connection to my own innate wisdom. It's probably not even about doing all those things I think I SHOULD do to stay centred and grounded - like yoga, meditation, juicing, creating work online etc. That's still thinking within the realms of our current limitations and distracting myself from whatever new information is trying to come toward me.

If there's a way to open up and to look beyond that energetic (and intellectual) ceiling over my head, to see the new structure that's forming I might find myself connecting to other dimensional levels and getting a sense of what is really being asked of humanity. And so might you.

Then we'll be on the way to making a much bigger difference. That will probably happen by each one of us doing very little other than holding the centre of this tornado as it moves through the world.

The bigger answers aren't going to come from an informed intellect and subsequent actions, nor from kindness and love alone. It will be the combination and balance of these two places within each of us that will lead us to our souls. What is it that your soul is here to contribute?

We've all been sleeping agents up to now. We've been doing what we thought was 'the work' and now we find that the work hadn't even begun!

Breathe deeply (in a safe space) and look for where the new path is opening up for you. Make space for your soul and listen.

Connect with other kindred spirits in your life who are also listening.

Be well in every level of your being.


Coronavirus Fear, Germ Theory, Exosomes, and Resiliency - Thomas Cowan, MD, and Sayer Ji

How Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg sees the current Corona pandemic

Dr Thomas Cowan : Virus et électrification de la Terre

As I finished writing this blog a friend sent me something from Jack Kornfield and this part of it really inspired me and gives voice to some of what I've been attempting to say.

"In this moment we can sit quietly, take a deep breath, and acknowledge our fear and apprehension, our uncertainty and helplessness… and hold all these feelings with a compassionate heart. We can say to our feelings and uncertainty, “Thank you for trying to protect me,” “I am OK for now.” We can put our fears in the lap of Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, place them in the hearts of the generations of brave physicians and scientists who tended the world in former epidemics.
When we do, we can feel ourselves as part of something greater, of generations of survivors in the vast web of history and life. “Being carried,” as the Ojibwa elders say, “by great winds across the sky.”
This is a time of mystery and uncertainty. Take a breath. The veils of separation are parting and the reality of interconnection is apparent to everyone on earth. We have needed this pause, perhaps even needed our isolation to see how much we need one another."
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