The Work of Each Moment

In my practice I continually meet people who either ask me to give them specific advice about fixing something in their bodies or minds, or who expect my spirit guides to tell them what to do with their lives. As someone who works in the field of healing and mostly at metaphysical levels it becomes more and more difficult for me to work in this head-oriented way and to use black and white, cause and effect thinking in relation to people living their best lives.

Our real work is to incarnate our soul fully into our bodies... and that means staying in connection with ourselves. Yes, there are choices that will support healing - the best foods to eat, the right herbs to remedy a body symptom, the supplements that will alleviate a deficiency, and there is a wealth of information available about these complementary ways to care for our physical health. It also requires a commitment to use the information that's available. And that is a daily journey for each one of us. I often meet people who know what they need to be doing but they avoid making the changes they need to make.

Sometimes we're attached to an identity - a way we've always been - and can't imagine being any different. Sometimes the information pathways in our body/mind have been left in disarray by experiences of trauma - emotional, physical, spiritual or biochemical.

Vibrational medicine restores these information pathways by asking the body what it needs in order to reconnect to the healthy flow of information. The body absorbs this new healing information and then begins to operate in a new way with more knowledge and a stronger ability to make sense of food, air and water (earth wisdom) in our daily lives.

And there is always the possibility that old habits will undo this reconnection, unless we take action from this new place. This is where commitment comes in. We have to truly want something to be different. Some people say they want this, but they aren't prepared to give up the habits of a lifetime in order to act differently and become someone different. Patterns - even unhelpful ones - can feel safe and familiar.

And this brings me to the thinking that gets in the way of healing. We all know about mind/body connection now (even doctors), about beliefs and affirmations, or maybe about the work of Dr Joe Dispenza around changing neural pathways. Dr Joe says that in order to have a new personal reality we need to change our personality, and his work is encompassing the quantum levels and proving the mind/body connection scientifically, but in general this is still approaching things from the level of the mind and the idea that we somehow have to control it all. The truth of the matter is that thinking will happen... and it will keep happening .... and it will change in a millisecond if we don't grab hold of the thought, believe it, analyse it and give it it a load of meaning.

The mind is meant to retain information and has successfully done this for the whole of our lives, and that gives us an illusion of control. The mind is a storehouse of the past - our experiences and our conditioning - which we can continually revisit - and through revisiting the same neural pathways every day, we stay the same person and live the same life.

This habitual way of operating keeps us stuck in old thinking and doesn't allow room for the new to come in. Believing our thinking is one of the main ways we remain stuck, travel the path of illness and lose connection with our place in the universe.

And our place in the universe is actually an evolving changing destination, which is why black and white, cause and effect thinking is not useful.

Our bodies are a constantly changing pattern operating within the harmonious patterns of the universe, such as the Flower of Life geometry. We dance in and out of these patterns in every moment - some choices lead to wellness and aliveness and others take us into despair and negativity and many more places in between these extremes... apathy, doubt, fear, half-heartedness, joy, excitement ... (it requires another blog to address what we do with these feelings but..) our real work is to connect the body to the joy that is the essence of our soul.

The soul is in alignment with these universal patterns. The work of being human is to bring the soul into the body and the body fully into it's connection with the earth. The body is essential to our journey and cannot be ignored in favour of 'spiritual' paths. That's not what being human is about.

When we are fully connected and alive in our bodies we have access to universal wisdom and this provides the knowing of what the body needs, and what we're here to do. Making sure that the elements of the earth - food, air and water can be taken in and understood by the body, is the work I do at the physical level with herbs, nutrition and vibrational medicine.

The work you do, when you stay in connection with your body through healthy choices and self care, is to evolve humanity on a daily basis, choosing to be in alignment with the harmonious patterns of the universe. This goes way beyond logic, black and white thinking and the mind's past conditioning. It's a much deeper and wiser flow of information that can be accessed... through both earth and universe wisdom.

Dr Joe talks about engaging our Will to overcome the power of the mind's repetitive thinking and the body's repetitive habits. In vibrational medicine I'm much more interested in aligning the Will with the Soul. If the Soul is aligned with the harmony of the universe, and incarnated into the body, then the Will can be used as a force for good rather than a method of control. There is a very subtle difference in how this works.

I've been drinking celery juice first thing every morning for about 5 months now. During that time on many occasions, I have walked sleepily into my kitchen and pulled a face as I looked at the juicer and the bunch of celery. In those moments I didn't use my Will to overcome the feeling/thinking... I (somewhat unconsciously) connected to the cellular aliveness in my body that I experience when having celery juice every day. My body says "Yes please!" while my mind and my sense of identity grumbles.

Despite what you might think about me, I resist being a "health nut" kind of person. I like a coffee and a glass of wine... and believe in all things in moderation. I don't want to be seen as someone who can't relax about food and becomes precious about what she can and cannot eat, so this is not my comfortable pathway... the person who drinks celery juice every day felt like someone I didn't know!

My soul knows that I need to feel strong and vital and alive to bring my gifts to the world. The soul part of me that lives in my physical body recognises that feeling of vitality and then my Will aligns by taking action. This all happens in a millisecond and I now find myself washing celery and making juice and drinking it without thinking at all (and no pulling of faces).

Celery juice (along with all fruits and vegetables) contains complex earth wisdom. When we take in earth wisdom, break it down and use it in the body, we are much more connected to our reason for being here. The body has the information it needs and knows what to do in any given moment. The complex shapes of sacred geometry that make up the strands of our universe, are presented to us in a digestible way through food, air and water. Our cells are also made of these geometric shapes and when we keep the cellular environment healthy and alkaline, we are aligning ourselves and what goes into our bodies, with these harmonious patterns.

At one level, life is incredibly complex, and at another level, it's all very simple.

This video of a ballerina dancing on my FB page (which for some reason won't post on this page) shows the movement in and out of these unseen patterns beautifully. This is the moment-by-moment dance of life in which the choices you make either align you with the universe or not.

Let yourself awaken to that dance by releasing old habits and thinking... stay awake to the wisdom of who you really are, the support that comes from connecting to nature and the food, air and water that nature provides for your body.

Access the wisdom of your soul through releasing your ideas about who you think you are.

Drop into a place of deeper wisdom and the knowing that's in your cells.

Stay open to insights that will arrive unbidden.

You are nature and you are evolving the universe.

Play with this idea, rather than taking it too seriously.

"Dance" your way into alignment with life's beautiful patterns by getting out of your head and into your body-centred wisdom.

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