What is vibration about at a time like this?

This morning I'm pondering the work I've done with clients over the past week and how much of it has required vibrational treatment at levels not often explored in my daily work. I've also noticed a few themes coming up and I find that exciting and wonder if you might too. Maybe your own guidance resonates with some of the things I'll mention and together we can employ other ways to approach this time of change.

Hopefully by now we all know about epigenetics, so we know that our genes are not static as science used to tell us, and that they are switched on and off, or expressed, according to changes in our environment. Our environment includes everything from the smallest cellular organism within us, to the edge of our universe (and not just our known universe). Einstein said that "the field is the sole governing agency of the particle" and by that he meant that nothing happens in matter, without it being affected by the vibration of the field that surrounds it.

We also know about the power of thought via the intention experiments, and global meditations, placebo effect etc. We understand that continually running the same thoughts keeps creating the same reality. As Joe Dispenza says: If you want to change your personal reality, you have to change your personality. Our biography becomes our biology. We know a lot about this, but do we get up in the morning and live as if these things are true?

Because I've always been very keen on self-responsibility I've always focused on working within my circle of influence. There's no point in wasting energy trying to change other people, and continuing to avoid the changes I can make within myself that might impact other people in a big way.

Change isn't just about thinking or understanding. Really deep change asks for embodiment. That's why this moment in time is so challenging. Because although we say we want the world to be different and we'd rather not have a mass extinction, many people are actually just surviving lockdown until they can return to business as usual. They might say they understand that things need to change, but they can't see the way to embody a new story yet.

I don't know what the new story is either. My only knowing is that I have to stop and pause to make space for new ideas to drop in. And allow time for new genes to be expressed in me. This isn't a quick fix. It's evolution.

We can't have the new, without letting go some of the old.

Our ability to hold the light is what enables the future to evolve. Holding the light requires healthy cells, a happy endocrine system and pineal gland, a strong connection to the earth and a resonance with her pulse.

It asks that we move into a new understanding of our human body as part of nature's intelligence. Our bodies are constantly responding to the frequencies of sound and light and hopefully absorbing universe wisdom while we go about our daily rounds. But this won't be happening if we're filling the space with constant busyness, old conditioned thinking or dissonant sound and electromagnetic light.

I think it was Steiner who spoke of us being the conduit for balancing the higher consciousness with earth consciousness. In vibrational medicine this is achieved through our connection to infinity and eternity. Universe wisdom meets earth wisdom within our bodies and the constant flow of that information via the energy of infinity moving through us, keeps updating who we are in every moment. This all happens without us having any conscious understanding of it.

At the time of our birth, our mother's role is to love us and to connect us to the cycles of the earth (earth time) and our father's role is to bring love and understanding of earth wisdom. Apart from this basic natural intelligence, there are also greater cycles operating in the background.... those of the planets as the astrologers tells us, the seasonal cycles of the earth, the day night cycle, and greater still... things like the Cycle of Continuity which through our DNA enables the flow of universe and earth wisdom to be continually updated to allow new expression in the future of the tribe.

The Cycle of Continuity is contained in the endoplasmic reticulum of each cell and this is the place where our will to survive is also held, as well as our Potential for Joy. It looks to me like we've all been "surviving" for far too long, and not accessing our true potential for joy which comes out of a vibrational field of love.

As we face every small decision today we're making choices that support the cycle of continuity or block it. We're either aligning with universe wisdom and taking in a new level of sound and light to be integrated throughout our cells, or we're choosing to stay the same.

I don't pretend to know how to do this in any sure-fire conscious way, other than to keep the harmonious patterns of sacred geometry which hold together the strands of the universe (time and shape, love and wisdom, light and sound, will and soul etc.) in my awareness. The Flower of Life (shown above) is the harmonious pattern of the universe and contains the three dimensional spheres and triangles that make up the cellular shapes within our bodies.

Having a 3D visual representation of this shape visible in your environment informs your cells at a different level. If 3D isn't available then at least a printed 2D version will serve as a reminder of your innate template. This pattern connects you to voice and song, to God and to the Cycle of Continuity, supporting you in sounding your specialised note into the universe.

And it's definitely time for your note to be heard. As Eileen Caddy said many years ago, we're all players in the orchestra and we need to play our part for the benefit of the whole.

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