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We are walking around in an energetic matrix that is imprinting us constantly with the same recycled beliefs and expectations of how the world is. We believe that is reality.

Because we accept the imprinting as reality, we keep re-creating the same reality, without realising that we actually have the power to change it. Really understanding the power within us is essential for us to free what we perceive as our personal self and humanity from a low vibrational state.

Most of us understand the impact of childhood conditioning and trauma on shaping our personalities and our defences, conscious and unconscious. There are so many different modalities now to deal with these unconscious patterns as they arise within us and show up to be healed, from somatic experiencing to psychotherapy and many more. This is what many in the personal growth or spiritual world see as our world work.

I’m about to start a group called WorldSpace which is taking this personal work to a new level to encompass what we are currently worlding as humanity. I have a strong sense that what’s being asked of us all, is to take in the deeper meaning of the whole matrix within which we exist. WorldSpace is a place to practice this new way of seeing and being.

Are you curious about how we can impact the energetic matrix

that currently holds our world in place?

More than 20 years ago Gregg Braden said we'd invent the technology in order to show us how the world really works. So we proved communication could be instant across the world with fax machines, we showed how interconnected we all are with the internet, if you look at pictures of the grid outside the earth created by satellites that makes the internet work you might recognise something you can't quite put your finger on. We now connect heart to heart with each other on Zoom without leaving our homes, and now we can even project a holographic image onto a stage in a believable way that looks as if a person is really there. These holograms are showing us how things really work. We're projecting our world into being all the time.

To explore and play with this idea more deeply we need to go beyond the childhood structures we have been exploring in psychotherapy, self-help and personal growth arenas. Making these childhood structures conscious is definitely worthwhile work and can help us to be less defended and more connected with others in a loving way and this is extremely important and necessary… so that we all recognise the vulnerability and tenderness in each person, whatever their story. The unravelling of our own structures allows us to uncover the love that we really are underneath our stories.


Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.



Understanding the bigger picture of how we are imprinted by unseen energetic structures allows us to see the possibility of creating a new version of life on this planet.

Can you imagine that we’re actually walking around in a world that contains energetic structures that are on one level as rigid and fixed as the scaffolding you might see on a building site?

Can you see from this picture above how that scaffolding is used to hold the facade in place while work is being done (as well as to allow access)?

And what if you were to imagine that this type of scaffolding is energetic and that it surrounds us personally and universally, and that it contains the stories of how life has been on earth.

And we can’t see this powerful energetic structure, even though it’s obviously holding the whole façade in place.

It seems that because we don’t see it, we move through life making the same choices, thinking the same thoughts, telling the same stories and continuously allowing the invisible scaffolding to be the unseen, unconscious foundation for everything we do. Without realising it we align with this structure and allow ourselves to be affected by its old paradigm energetic imprint.

I’m reminded of times as an adult when I’ve gone home to visit family and found myself falling into the scripts – saying the things I’m expected to say, agreeing with things I don’t necessarily want to agree with, because I’ve fallen into the energetic field of “family” and whatever my unconscious role was in that system as a child. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar?

The opportunity we have right now is to make these energetic structures and the holographic field that we live within, more conscious.

By moving away from seeing everything as purely personal, we can recognise that things might show up in our awareness simply because the earth’s old energetic structures are falling away. As we move through the photon belt and we are exposed to more and more light, the rigid old structures are no longer serving us. Without any effort, because of this increased light, our vibration is expanding to a new level. As long as we embody the subtle changes we feel occurring in and around us, and act from that place, we'll be creating the new world via our own higher frequency. However, if we have no idea that this is what's going on, we'll simply sit back and let the old imprint repeat itself again and again.

As the light increases it might illuminate triggers in our personal awareness

that are resonant with the collective structures that no longer serve anyone.

Everything that arises personally and collectively is an opportunity to take apart the collective invisible scaffolding that has held this matrix together until now. It’s an opportunity to make clear choices about what we want to keep for the future and what needs to be released.

This is not just small and personal, although the choices we make at a personal level impact whether we contribute to maintaining the old scaffolding or free up the matrix and allow it to form in a new and more fluid way.

This invites us in every moment, to be less invested in being right and more invested in embodying the free flowing energy of love that we are.

As we allow these unconscious collective structures to be made more conscious through what arises in us, we take apart more and more of the collective scaffolding and we allow the possibility of our world aligning more with the original patterns of life.

According to vibrational medicine theory the harmonious pattern of the universe is seen in the flower of life pattern (right).

Looking at the picture of the scaffolding and then at the flower of life, I’d say we have quite some task ahead of us!

That’s why I think it’s essential for us to look directly and consciously at the process humanity is engaged in just now… seeing clearly that war is showing itself as an energy that humanity still embodies. By looking within ourselves for the small internal wars we create, we’re helping to undo that piece of the world structure; by having compassion for the parts of us that still believe in separation or righteousness, we’re moving ourselves and the world more towards love.

As we take these steps in a conscious way life itself becomes more fluid… Although I’ve shown these pictures above as if they’re static and fixed patterns, everything is energy, so all of it is in constant, dynamic motion, including our bodies and minds. Nothing is fixed - it's only limited by how we believe it to be.

Imagine that screensaver on your computer that swirls and moves constantly. Life is like that.

When we free up the old unconscious stories, release old identities, old ideas about who we think we are, we’re moving more towards a fluidity that allows for responsive actions in each moment.... Where nothing is based on the way we’ve always seen it… because we can see clearly that the way we’ve viewed it up to now has been an unhelpful energetic imprint held in place by our inability to see and challenge it.

Imagine that every time you have strong feelings or triggers or judgements, you have an opportunity to see this as a world imprint as well as a personal story. Neither one is reality. Both are perception. When we hold onto an old story we keep recreating the same issue in our lives, and when the world moves unconsciously through this energetic matrix we keep manifesting a world we no longer want or agree with. We currently stand on the edge of a paradigm shift and recognising the energetic imprinting beyond what we see is an important part of making that shift.

We can take this scaffolding apart piece by piece simply by knowing it’s there and staying conscious about what arises within and around us.

Every moment is another opportunity to let go of the façade we’ve always believed was reality. Doing that together as a conscious practice is even more powerful.

Let me know by email or Signal if you feel drawn to join WorldSpace. It starts 4 March 2022 at 3.30pm UK time and runs every second Friday for 8 weeks.

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