You are here to bring the biggest, boldest version of who you are into the world. 

Your Gene Keys personal profile offers a beautiful map of your unique blueprint, confirming the personal evolutionary steps you’re already taking and giving clues to what lies ahead.

Knowing more about the exceptional qualities hidden in your DNA allows a deeper immersion in your vibrant life story. As that understanding becomes conscious and embodied it can lead you to greater creative self-expression.


If you’re working with the Gene Keys then you feel the inner calling of your soul and have made the choice to realise your vision of a better world for humanity. You’re already making this possible by gifting the world with an evolutionary impulse that is uniquely yours.

The Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils offer a supportive modality to bring the resonance of your particular siddhi into your physical cells, offering opportunities for deeper contemplation, insight and more immediate and embodied awakening.


You can work with the Siddhi related to the specific sphere you’re contemplating and exploring now… or a tailored personal set of Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils to support your journey through your Gene Keys profile, the Golden Path or the Ambassador Programme.













Everything that exists in our world has frequency and vibration, including you.


As a part of the Gene Keys tribe with a heartfelt wish to create the highest version of humanity possible, you can choose to accelerate the unlocking of your DNA by adding the complementary Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils to your skillset.

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Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils

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When you use these oils they will take the higher vibration directly into your body helping you to:

  • Move more easily through your shadow tendencies and release the expression of your creative gifts

  • Alter the old physical cellular messages and activate a free flow of information from and connection to, these higher qualities

  • Change neural pathways and experience old patterns falling away and new insights emerging

  • Feel supported by the vibration as it brings ultimate relief to the body-mind, touching the resonance of your soul’s work in this lifetime.

As you embody the higher frequencies and take the Siddhi qualities into your cells you will be inviting profound change – personally and collectively.


In the same way that pendulums can synchronise to swing together in time, and different heart cells will start beating in rhythm in a petri dish, our bodies and brains will entrain with a higher frequency when we experience it.


This is how the Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils work. When they are applied to the skin at various meridian points they take the siddhi frequency into your body. The oil creates a new energetic pathway, informing the messages between the cells, dissolving old pathways, and bringing a sense of relief to the body-mind, enabling a more direct connection to the deeper wisdom hidden in your DNA.


Each Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oil:


  • Contains a unique siddhi frequency in a carrier of organic sesame seed oil

  • Is provided in an elegant 10ml bottle with a stainless steel rollerball for mess-free application

  • Is protected by a velvet pouch which also contains an information card giving details about the use and application of the oil


If you’d like to support your Gene Keys Golden Path or Ambassador journey by using the Sacred Siddhi Vibrational Oils just email me directly to place your order.