KM,  Scotland UK

There aren't words for how grateful I am to Kate for her work.   She has supported me though some of the toughest physical and emotional processes in my life so far. She works with such professionalism, clarity and strength and I genuinely couldn't have done it without her!  


I experience her work to be down-to earth, compassionate and fully integrated into all aspects of life and well-being. I know I am healthier on all levels thanks to her amazing work. 

Thank you Kate!



Kate is a master healer. 


Her many years of training, experience and dedication combine to create treatments that are profound in the transformation they create.  Through Kate's work I have permanently released insidious patterns that were threatening to stifle my life force and limit my potential. 


The vibrational work has unlocked aspects of myself that I once only had glimpses of, and combined with her herbal knowledge I am now radiating good health, vibrant energy and powerful self confidence.  Due to this support I am now living a life of prosperity and ease.


Kate has helped me with various chronic issues, emotional, spiritual, physical and systemic, that I haven’t succeeded in solving in other ways.  Her calm and understanding attitude is a true oasis in times of uncertainty. She helps put things in perspective and brings them back to simple, manageable and normal. 


Kate advised me to take herbal remedies, which resolved the bloating and low mood I had suffered from for 32 years. With her suggested Bach remedies, I have been able to rid myself of most of my acne, which has been with me for the same amount of time. Tissue salts helped me sleep again and the vibrational remedies cleared a stifling performance anxiety when writing my thesis. You may understand my utter joy at this. 


However, she couldn’t have stunned me more than when she asked:  "What are you doing on the 22nd?"  And I had no idea.  It turns out I was going to be invited to do a piece of systemic work in a workshop I hadn’t even booked yet, and that would turn my life up side down.... in a good way!  She knew before me! 


No ordinary mystic at all.

JH, Scotland UK

I cannot recommend Kate’s work too highly. Since I have been seeing Kate my life has totally turned around and I am experiencing a level of good health and wellbeing that I have not known for thirty years. I first consulted Kate because I had gone into meltdown and nothing was working. After two years of constant stress and pressure an unexpected event pushed me over the edge and I was experiencing constant terror with continual waves of adrenalin and could barely eat. This had gone on for three months, but all the symptoms disappeared immediately with the first treatment. Over the following months we have uncovered just about everything that was going on in my somewhat battered system, on which seven years of ME had taken quite a toll. The feeling of ‘rightness’ is palpable with every treatment, and these benefits are always sustained. The strategies Kate suggests for follow up consolidate these positive effects. I no longer experience anxiety (a lifelong problem), have much stronger and clearer energy, my aches and pains are disappearing, and my asthma has spontaneously more or less disappeared. Most importantly, my body is now speaking to me, and I am now able to listen to it, and to act on the information. 


When I think back to where I used to be, to how I used to think about things, and to how horrible I often felt inside, I can hardly believe how far I’ve come on my journey. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I could not have done any of this without the love and dedication, wisdom and insight, that you put into your work.  Thank you so much Kate.

L HUNTER, England UK

Thank you for another great session, giving me more clarity and reminding me to stay with my own truth instead of allowing myself to be scattered.  It's been one of my greatest gifts this year to have connected with you for guidance and inspiration.  Thank you. 


I always loved walking, going on foot is my favourite, has always been. And it is a miracle. It is not long ago I couldn't walk 10 meters without pain and extreme tiredness. It's a miracle, I'm NORMAL again!!!!!!!

I had lost hope, as you know, before meeting you.

As you always say, you have reconnected me to myself. And it's easy and normal, and a miracle.

May you be blessed with everything beautiful and good, you really did help me, and in a sense you did

save my life. If I hadn't found you maybe my health wouldn't be back to me.

I have done the work, and I'm grateful and proud of myself for my dedication and discipline. And yet I had done so much before meeting you, with equal dedication, and I was constantly worsening, so your work is what has made a difference, and this is why I'm ever so grateful to you.

SM, Forres UK

This is the most wholistic approach to working on myself I have found.  I go (usually) with a physical issue and find myself being advised about how to approach it physically, but then also helped to connect with how it is a manifestation of psycho-spiritual issues connected to my life path of soul incarnation and unfoldment.  It’s like being given a session with my guardian angel or higher self to be “course corrected” or helped in some way to deal with the inevitable challenges of my incarnation and journey this time around.  I have also found Kate to be loving and empathetic and this is also very healing for me as a woman needing to overcome difficult “family of origin” issues connected to mothering.

EF, Italy

Since I’ve been seeing Kate I feel more stable….more present. I feel positive and stronger.  The sessions have given me answers I couldn’t find before.  And even though I have done many kinds of therapies I always had the feeling that whilst I could understand everything on a mental level I was energetically stuck. Now I do feel a shift at all levels…. It was kind of magical to see that……  I also felt appreciated and respected as I am, and felt a lot of sensitivity and empathy

HK, The Netherlands

Your latest treatment brings me much good and my vigour is returning. I feel more healthy, alive, inspired, and I'm much less tired. My digestion is getting better too, so it is clearly working. I know I have a way to go, though. But I already want to thank you

ZP, Scotland UK

Since seeing Kate I have found her holistic approach to health and well-being offers deep insight and also practical information to support personal healing on many levels. I appreciate her direct manner, extensive knowledge and experience and good sense of humour.    I have found vibrational medicine to be a subtle yet effective approach to healing that has supported me in returning me back to my centre and health.

SP, Germany

The last session in combination with the "removal for detrimental energies" which I did on myself had a tremendous impact. I feel free, grounded and solid again. I am again able switch into the observer role when being triggered and am not stuck in my inner child. I feel myself present on earth, have space to hold both my girlfriend and step daughter if needed. I am a lot more relaxed, which results in much better sleeping and my family members can relax into this space.


Again and again I am impressed with which clarity and preciseness you are able to find the spots that are necessary to treat!

With great gratitude