A small group exploring higher consciousness

meeting every two weeks online

“Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not.
Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. 
Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment. . . ”


Ram Dass

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We tend to think of ourselves as existing in the world as humanity is depicted in the picture to the left.

This is a great start in appreciating that we're all part of the same planet and all affected by the same things, even when oceans might separate us. And I believe there's a lot more to understand beyond that awareness. 

We are made of light and sound. Everything is simply energy in motion. Light waves manifest as a particle state according to where we put our focus, and around us a world is evolving and emerging according to the consciousness we embody. 

There is beauty and order to everything in the universe and it all aligns with the flower of life pattern of sacred geometry which holds the vibration of harmony. In the physical body, the spine holds life, the organs hold beauty and healthy cells hold the light. We are part of everything and everything is part of us.


Just as the weather appears to be something impersonal and neutral that arrives each day, so the evolving universe is simply doing it's best to align with the harmonious structures that hold earthly life in place. What gets in the way of that is your own creative power... or actually, your disconnection from your creative power. 

We are disconnected by the energetic structures we still hold around us from childhood or past lives or previous planetary or soul journeys, which feel as though they are “who I am” because they’re so familiar.  But if who you are is light and sound and everything in your world is dynamically appearing in every moment from these structures – conscious and unconscious, held at a personal and collective level – it seems that your greatest work is to unravel these structures and allow the purity of who you really are to emerge. 

In taking on this work of the whole, we all move towards embodying the higher vibration of harmony and beauty... a world that we sense is possible and maybe wonder about how we can contribute to creating it.

To shed more light on what's possible, at each online gathering I will be offering an excerpt from a text by various teachers of higher consciousness such as Stephen Busby, Thomas Hübl, Clare Dimond, Adyashanti, and others. Together we will explore in that moment, whatever is evoked in our own inner movements, whatever is asking to be made conscious in response to the words or transmission in the text.


This is edgy, yet powerful work as inevitably we all carry the light and the shadow, and all of it is asking to be embraced and seen as energy moving in the collective, rather than our personality. Using deep inquiry, curiosity, and phenomenological experience we will support each other in finding our way through this exciting new terrain. 

Deeper parts of us long for this new world that somehow seems known to us at a soul level, yet is not present in our everyday reality yet.


Maybe you're interested in daring to explore this deeper part of yourself through this method of inquiry and self-reflection, and unpacking what shows up with like-minded others. 

Modern Ballet Dancers

We'll be meeting fortnightly on Zoom for a block of four sessions starting on 4 March 2022 at 3.30-4.30pm UK time.

We'll continue every second Friday. 

Cost for the series is £35 which you can pay here if you'd like to participate and evolve in these subtle realms.

Please use WorldSpace as your reference when booking.

Feelings about WorldSpace


I wanted to share with you my feelings about WorldSpace. The first time we did it, it felt like a transmission of energy. It had a sense of something similar to Oracle Girl's purification space, but with you, so much stronger, as I can actually perceive things happening as I hear the words!! 

Then also the fact that we share our experiences, that different words are used by each one of us, it seems to me that it not only amplifies, but is also more whole, as we are able to have more sense of the several facets of whatever is happening, enabling us to “embrace” more!! Not with a lot of talk, not a lot of mind chatter, just the perfect amount!!

THANK YOU so much!!!

MC, Portugal